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Organizations need to be able to react with lightning speed and extreme accuracy. This is often a challenge with outdated processes. WorldMax helps organizations unlock more efficiencies through automation and integrations.

Mary is a pleasure to work with and is very engaging with both our team and our client team. She has a niche for integrations with Business Central and Power Automate and I have seen her solve every challenge professionally and quickly for every situation encountered with complex integrations. She takes the extra time to get to know the team and the issues and she feels like a natural member of the team. I would recommend World Max services to anyone!


Work Smarter Not Harder

Our team is world class in using Microsoft’s Power Platform to maximize what Dynamics 365 Business Central can do for your organization. We make it easy for companies to streamline their day to day operations. This allows you to get back to focusing on why you started your business in the first place.


By utilizing artificial intelligence embedded in Microsoft’s Power Platform, we can automate your accounts payable workload. We also help our clients streamline, and automate the onboarding process for their customers, vendors, and even employees. When you automate a process, not only are you saving massive amounts of time, but you are also improving the accuracy of your data. Better data leads to better reporting. Automating even the smallest things can have a huge impact on your bottom line.


Dynamics 365 Business Central is made not only to connect with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem, but also to the rest of the world. Our SME’s are known around the world for using a low code solution to complex integrations. This allows us to get our clients connected quicker! We have worked on Shopify, 3PL, Sales Force, and Concur in addition to many Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft Products.


Every good business process needs to have proper checks and balances along the way. Historically, this has been a very time-consuming process. Often people skip the approval steps because of the anticipated delay. We extend the out of the box approval functionality of Business Central, by utilizing Power Automate. Take control of your company quickly with our proven solutions.

About Mary Myers

Chief Maximizer

Mary Myers is a Microsoft MVP. Her expertise is in Dynamics 365 Business Central &The Power Platform. Mary has 20 years of experience working SMB’s, helping them improve their processes and increase their bottom line

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